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Perceptions of the ocean & environment map

OrganisationKantar & Packard Foundation
Date publishedMarch 2020
How long will it take to read?5 minutes
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The David and Lucile Packard Foundation works with partners to ensure the long-term health of the ocean by investing in country-level and global strategies that help improve our ocean’s sustainability.

To better engage citizens and governments alike, the Foundation partnered with Kantar to conduct a robust public opinion study of people’s perceptions on the ocean and related environmental issues in six Pacific Rim countries where the Foundation supports work to promote ocean health: The United States, China, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, and Chile.

Key Takeaways

  • The research was designed to measure perceptions of the health and quality of the ocean, perceived human impacts on the ocean, prioritisation of the environment and the ocean as issues, attitudes towards the ocean, and how to address ocean challenges.
  • Across all six countries (Indonesia, Mexico, US, China, Chile & Japan) more than 92% supported government action to protect the ocean.
  • More than 72% agree the ocean is being impacted by human activities.
  • More than 94% see the condition of the ocean as important to their country’s economy.